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Guardianship And Other Estate Plan Provisions

We all know parents whose lives were cut short in their prime. A heart attack, a fatal car crash, an aggressive cancer, a farm accident. It could happen. It does happen.

So many young families have no estate planning in place. If tragedy struck tomorrow, what would happen with your kids? You can’t just assume everything will work out. Guelzow & Ellefsen Law Offices can help you designate guardians for your minor children and make other provisions for their care.

Pray for the best, prepare for the unthinkable
There is peace of mind in knowing your children will be taken care of by people you trust. Call us today about estate planning that considers your kids too.

Nominating A Guardian For Your Children

We strongly believe that everyone should have a will, especially parents with dependent children in the home. Your last will and testament should spell out your children’s inheritance, but that alone is not sufficient.

Your estate plan should include the nomination of preferred guardian(s) who would be appointed by the court to assume the caretaker roles and responsibilities. In the event of death or incapacity, who would pick up your kids and take them in? Here are things to consider:

  • Ideally, this should be a family member or close friend who lives reasonably close. You want to keep life as normal as possible for your kids, rather than uprooting them from their school and friends.
  • A second consideration is carving out resources in your will for the family who would be taking in your children. Guardianship is a financial burden.
  • Lastly, the guardian(s) should be willing. You can’t just plug in the person’s name in your will without first having the conversation.

Family-Centered Estate Planning

We see a real need for families with kids and teenagers to have plans in place, including guardianship in the event of a tragedy. In our estate administration practice, we have seen the turmoil that occurs without these important provisions.

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